Beach Camping With Sexy Escorts

College buddies Jack and Dave decided they wanted to do some beach camping over spring break. They loved the beach and the outdoors, and were anxious for their vacation time. The exquisite clubs and restaurant around the beach were also perfect for dancing and partying throughout the night. However, neither of them was in a relationship, so they decided that it would be fun to hire escorts from Eve London escorts to go on vacation with them.

When it was time for their vacation Eve London escorts sent Anna and Terry to these college buddies to have fun with while beach camping. They were sexy and outgoing, as well as smart and highly sophisticated. They all hopped into Dave’s loaded down SUV and headed out for the beach. They guys were so excited that they could hardly wait to get to the beach, set up came, and get a taste of these beautiful girls’ sweet sex holes. They could smell sea salt a while before they reached the beach, making the anticipation even greater.

They finally reached the beach where the girls were quick to strip off their clothes and show off their amazing bodies in some super itty-bitty bikinis. Towels came out and the girls laid out on the beach to get some sun while the guy set up the campsite. The sun was very bright, which was perfect for the escorts to work on their tans. The reflection of the blue sky by the ocean waters graced the scene. The sand was white and soft.

Once the campsite was set up they all enjoyed swimming, splashing each other, and tossing around a beach ball. After a few hours they were very exhausted and ready to get back to the camp. They grabbed their towels, wiped themselves dry and headed to their tent. Dave had decided that Terry was the one for him, and he was ready to feel his hard cock in her sweet, wet pussy. And Jack was more than ready to bust his load inside of Anna. That evening both of guys were pleased more than they ever really imagined because these girls were up for anything. Both Anna and Terry loved to suck cock, and have their pussies and even their tight little assholes fucked. They would spend the rest of their vacation relaxing, swimming, partying, and fucking the days away. It was definitely an experience that Jack and Dave would never forget.

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